Widgets for Volumio

Volumio Widgets adds to your Android device a set of widgets to easily and quickly control your Volumio device. You won’t need anymore to open the browser and load the Volumio UI just to pause the playback!

Easy to setup

Setup is fast and easy: turn your volumio device on, wait for it to boot up and then add the widget. The setup wizard is shown and you just need to type the address of the Volumio device. If found you can compl.ete the setup by clicking on “ADD WIDGET"
An option will let you device wether display the Volumio name, in case you have more than one and want to add multiple widgets

No more configuration

When the widget is on your desktop you won’t need to configure it anymore. Even if the Volumio will change its IP address over reboots, the widget will search for it on the network and update its internal configuration!

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