Area of interest (geofence)

This trigger enables or disables bluetooth on the device when the device enters or exits a specified area. The detection is performed automatically by the devices and makes use of the sensors that the device has builtin. The accuracy depends on the device itself and the current device setting. In particular in order to work at its best the "Location" settings (settings > Location > Mode) shall be set to "High accuracy". In order to add or modify this kind of triggers the following shall be specified:

If the current area center is not the right spot it can be modified by using the place picker. The picker can be opened by clicking on the icon on the bottom left of the map. The following dialog opens.

A new spot can be chosen by dragging the map, typing its name in the search line (top right) or picking one of the suggestions on the bottom. When done, click on the "Select this location" line and the location will be configured as center of the Area trigger.