About AutoBluetooth

AutoBluetooth is an handy application that helps you having Bluetooth on only when you need it. This way you can save battery life and enhance your security.
AutoBluetooth uses some rules (Triggers now on) to determine if bluetooth has to be turned on or off. You can set multiple triggers to better fit your needs. AutoBluetooth implements the following triggers: Click on the links on the above list for detailed description of each trigger.
AutoBluetooth comes in two flavours: free and pro. The Free version allows you to set up Timer and Wifi triggers only while the pro unlocks all of the triggers. To become a PRO user an In App Purchase shall be performed once. The purchase will last forever and is automatically downloaded when you reinstall the app (if you setup the same Google Play account in your device).
Please consider purchasing the PRO version: such small amount of money is really important for me and pays time spent developing and fixing the app. Moreover it convince me to add new features. Thanks!