AutoBluetooth Changelog

Changelog for the Android application Autobluetooth

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Version 2.18.0

  • Added Bluetooth Tethering option in Settings. Tetheirng is activated when Bluetooth is enabled.

Version 2.16.2

  • Removed changelog dialog. Changelog can be shown by clicking on Setting > About > Changelog
  • Added capability to send log files for debugging purposes. Go to Settings > About > Submit log to automatically create an email with log file attached.

Version 2.16.0

  • New trigger: Running
  • Fixed issue that prevented triggers to be set up at start of Android and after an application update

Version 2.15.3

  • Bug fixing
  • Updated to latest Google Play Services libraries

Version 2.15.1

  • Added Spanish translation

Version 2.14.3

  • Fixed Trial activation

Version 2.14.2

  • Support for Google Play Services 10.0.0

Version 2.14.1

  • Libraries update

Version 2.14.0

  • Added preferences section for resetting trigger list and bluetooth state

Version 2.13.2

  • Google asked for some little changes

Version 2.13.1

  • Library updates

Version 2.13.0

  • Introductory wizard
  • Bug fixes